About us

Seeing beyond data – Reaching better business outcomes with Location Analytics

Mapidea was founded in 2014 and built on the vision that Location Analytics should be a common tool for every user in every organization.

With a team working for more than 20 years in Geography and Business Intelligence, we have created a solution that enables corporations to use Location Analytics in their everyday analysis and decision-making processes.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

"Our business is mostly geographical, and Mapidea gives us the Location Analytics capabilities we need to be more competitive in a simple and effective way"
Javier Pastor
IT Director
"Excellent tool!
User friendly and flexible between different GIS formats and non-GIS data makes Mapidea a useful software for any business."
Louise Kavanagh
GIS expert
"Mapidea allows us to finally see and manage our business using maps, easily crossing layers of data like sales, visits and demography to create better insights and optimize sales. It’s a game changer!"
Carlos Patarrana
Head of BI & SFE