A map is a great idea!

It’s beautiful and intuitive, great to analyse data, create knowledge and communicate insights. In many situations a map is the only platform that allows correlation of different data sets, from diverse sources. And it’s also fun and useful – It brings people together around questions, giving them a common framework to discuss interpretations, hypothesis and make better decisions.
Our vision is that maps should be a business tool as common and useful as e-mail or excel.
Our mission is to add value to medium and large businesses with maps, harnessing the power of spatial information to tackle your challenges and leverage business results.
We are a group of experienced professionals – geographers, developers, managers and marketeers – working together since 2002, with more than 50 years of accumulated experience developing, deploying and assuring the success of Business Intelligence and Location Intelligence solutions in big corporations across several industries.

The Mapidears

Leonor Faria
LeadGen & Marketing

Cosme Benito
Senior Developer

Vitor Matias

Raquel Carvalho
Spatial Guru & Customers

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More About Us

Founded in 2014

Mapidea was officially opened for business in April, 2014.


Geographers, developers and designers. We believe in the power of diversity.


Bright office in sunny Lisbon.


We are proudly invested by Portugal Ventures.