Location Analytics
for Banking & Insurance

Get ahead of competition by using geography to uncover business insights


“Excellent tool! User friendly and flexible between different GIS formats and non-GIS data makes Mapidea a useful software for any business”

Louise Kavanagh, GIS expert


Optimize branch and ATM network

Support expansion decisions with upgraded location intelligence capabilities (e.g. where to open or close branches). Cross network, demographics, competitors and other data sets geographically, without the need for external consulting.

Marketing Effectiveness

Empower commercial decisions

Increase your customer base by focusing your geomarketing activities in places with higher business potential. Leverage geospatial analysis to enable more data-driven campaigns. 

Business Intelligence

Manage sales performance 

Use Mapidea to better understand your business spatial patterns, detect competition pressure, and observe improvements in your sales territories.

Combine different sources of data for better insights

Business Data:
Ex: customers, products, transactions, branches, products

Ex: residents, families, households

External Data:
Ex: footfall, businesses, competitors, 3rd party datasets

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