Location Intelligence for Pharma and Healthcare Organizations

Mapidea provides Pharma and Healthcare companies the Location Intelligence tool needed to enrich, analyze and visualize business data.

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Show, don’t tell

Everything that matters for your business happens somewhere

It’s all about Location

Without Location Intelligence your business is driving blind

Enrich business data

Raw data is very helpful when performing analysis, but it becomes much more meaningful when it can be augmented with other data sets. Add other dimensions to your data: points of interest, demographics, income, purchasing power and more

  Map performance over periods of time and cross it with additional data sets to understand the key-success factors for your business.

Deeper Analytics

  Location is a part of nearly all data. Exploit data to create competitive advantage and make better, more actionable business decisions

  Understand regional differences and gain a deeper knowledge of patient’s journey, referral networks and specialty areas

  Continuously measure your market-share and share-of-voice to know where your business potential is.

Better visualization

  Location helps us visualize data in familiar ways — with maps. Unlike traditional business intelligence, that  presents results in spreadsheets or charts, maps allow businesses to see the underlying proximity relationships and trends in their data

  Analyse and present the information in an easy-to-understand format and easily share reports between teams.

See the power of Location Intelligence
for Healthcare & Pharma

Improve sales territories, assess performance and gain market insights by using location analytics to enrich, analyze and visualize data.


Create users, set roles, and share data and maps with everyone in the Organisation


From simple drag-and-drop functionality to effortless integration with existing data


Affordable solution that is easily scalable and with zero server and maintenance costs