Location Analytics
for Healthcare & Pharma

Understand your business geographically to increase sales and market share

“Mapidea allows us to finally see and manage our business using maps, easily crossing layers of data like sales, visits and demography to create better insights and optimize sales. It’s a game changer!”

Carlos Patarrana, Head of BI & SFE

Manage sales territories

Combine your 3rd party data sets (like IQVIA, IMS data) with location data to understand your sales patterns geographically. Benchmark against competition and make better decisions on territory alignment to boost sales rep productivity.

Optimize marketing activities

Obtain spatial insights on the impact of visits and other marketing activities.  Uncover patterns and support better informed marketing decisions. 

Understand prescription journey

Visualize prescription journey patterns across territories and understand the real impact of sales reps activities to optimize their incentives.

Combine different sources of data for better insights

Business Data:
Ex:  sales, visits, campaigns, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies

Ex: residents, families, households, diseases prevalence

External Data:
Ex:  IQVIA or other pharma data providers, competitors, 3rd party datasets

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