Location Intelligence for Retail companies

Optimize operations and leverage growth with location intelligence. Generate insights from location data and empower user to make informed decisions.

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Show, don’t tell

Everything that matters for your business happens somewhere

It’s all about Location Data

Without Location Intelligence you are just another Retailer

Enrich business data

Add new layers of information to the existing business data and gain a new perspective of operations, customers and business potential

  Map stores’ performance and grow business by adding additional data sets to understand the key-success factors for your business

Analyze customer and demographic data and make data-driven decisions about site selection, marketing, and product portfolio.

Advanced analytical power

  Exploit data to create competitive advantage and make better, more actionable business decisions

  Easily take into account all the dimensions of your business: operation, supply chain, customers, competitors and business potential

  From site planning to geomarketing to sales management, Mapidea provides one simple solution for all departments.

Clear course of action

  Unlike traditional business intelligence maps allow businesses to see the underlying proximity relationships and trends in data

 It can be hard to make sense of big data. Mapidea makes it easier to produce simple and insightful analytics, while keeping easy-to-understand visualization

See the power of Location Intelligence for Retail

Location data is changing the way Retailers do business.


Create users, set roles, and share data and maps with everyone in the Organisation


From simple drag-and-drop functionality to effortless integration with existing data


Affordable solution that is easily scalable and with zero server and maintenance costs