Location Analytics
for Retail & FMCG

Improve your expansion decisions, marketing investments and sales results.

“Our business is mostly geographical, and Mapidea gives us the Location Analytics capabilities we need to be more competitive in a simple and effective way”

Javier Pastor, IT Director


Identify the best locations for new stores

Make better expansion decisions with location intelligence as your edge (e.g. where to open or close stores). Cross demographics, competitors, footfall, traffic and other data sets, without the need for external consulting. 

Business Analysis

Understand customers’ behavior even better

Observe how and where your customers relate with your stores, both in physical and digital worlds. Detect behavioral patterns and create territorial profiles. 

Market Intelligence

Increase ROI on geomarketing

Increase revenue and customer base by focusing marketing campaigns in places with more business potential. Leverage geospatial analysis to enable more data-driven campaigns. 

Combine different sources of data for better insights

Business Data:
Ex: customers, stores, sales, visits, vendors 

Ex: residents, families, households, purchasing power

External Data:
Ex: competitors, third party databases

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