Specialized Geo-Services

We complement Mapidea product with a set of specialised services to help your business and your people create more value out of Location Intelligence

Strategic Location Intelligence Consultancy

Learn how to use Location Intelligence to create business value.

We analyse your business, data and human context with a geographic perspective and define strategies to take advantage of spatial data to solve problems and make better decisions across your organization. There’s a lot your business will only understand with a map.

Geocoding and Data Enrichment

Geo-locate your business data to increase its value.

We prepare all your data (customers, stores, prospects, competitors, etc) to be used in Mapidea and enrich it with external data sets to increase its business value. Converting addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates is something we do during breakfast.

Training and Enablement

Prepare your organization to use maps.

Training in Mapidea, thematic cartography and Geomarketing, adapted to your business context and needs. We enable spatial thinking inside your organization to create competitive advantages and help you assure your people adoption of Location Intelligence tools and practices.

Location Data Integration

Integrate your existing systems and data repositories into Mapidea.

Even though Mapidea can be used with manually uploaded data, sooner or later you’ll get so much value from it you’ll want it integrated with your corporate systems. We provide specialized support for your data integration projects to assure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

You have a lot of data but don’t know how to put it on a map? Struggling to have a good understanding of your business (and competition) spatial patterns? Want to know how to use location analytics to add value to your business?

Good news then, we’ve been doing this for years. If you want to improve your business, we are here to help.

Contact us for a preliminary study, a Proof of Concept or simply some informal advice.

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