Location Analytics
for Telco & Utilities

Take advantage of location data to gain a competitive edge

“It’s the right tool to democratize access of non-GIS experts to Location Analytics and create cumulative value across the organization”

António Mendes, CIO

Optimize infrastructure and service

Cross network and coverage data with subscribers and demographics to support strategic expansion decisions, identify hidden spatial patterns and optimize quality of service.

Support marketing decisions

Increase your revenue and customer base by focusing your marketing in places with more business potential, segmenting your targets down to the building or household level. Target the most profitable prospects and prevent churn.

Monetize your data

Use Mapidea to easily create Data-as-a-Service products to sell your data to corporate clients and create new recurring revenue streams

Combine different sources of data for better insights

Business Data:
Ex: subscribers, usage, engineering, CRM, territories

Ex: residents, families, households, purchasing power

External Data:
Ex: businesses, competitors, 3rd party datasets

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