Location Intelligence for Telco Business Users

Mapidea puts the power of Location Analytics in everyone’s hands. Leave complex GIS solutions for experts and feel the power of doing it yourself. No IT, no setup, just great maps and actionable insights!

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Show, don’t tell

Location Analytics is mostly visual. Check some Telco Mapidea videos.

It’s all about Business

Without Location Intelligence your business is driving blind

Spatial Business Performance and Competition Management

  Understand where your business is performing better by monitoring the spatial performance of sales, subscribers, churn, ARPU and service quality

  Benchmark your competition geographically to discover their business strategies and know where you should focus your efforts

  Continuously measure your market-share and share-of-wallet to know where there is potential for more business

Location-Based Customer Lifecycle Management

  Understand and segment your subscriber personas by linking online and offline behaviours using geography and correlating user characteristics, behaviour and business value

  Use location analytics to support spatial ‘acupuncture’ campaigns for customers acquisition, up-sell and cross-sell using offline or online channels

  Quickly understand geographical churn patterns for early detection of competition attacks and execution of retention or win-back campaigns

Spatial Network and Store Expansion and Optimization

  Identify the best place to open (or close) a store based on geographic information regarding current store network, competition and location business potential

   Monitor, discover and troubleshoot customer experience issues, optimizing your infrastruture network and support teams to prevent churn

  Get business and infrastructure communicating properly using the same maps tool to improve decisions regarding expansion of cable, wireless and/or wireline networks

Monetize your Data

  Create a powerful revenue stream by giving your Enterprise clients access to data your network generates in an easy way

   Provide this data in a simple to use, yet powerful, branded location intelligence platform where your Enterprise clients will create valuable analysis and insights

   Assure regulatory data compliance by aggregating and anonymizing data while defining exactly who has access to which information

Location Intelligence made easy and powerful

Mapidea is the best Location Intelligence tool for your business.

All your people will have access to spatial data and analytics

Ready to use: focus on your business, not servers, IT or paper reports

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