Fuel growth through data monetization

Create, host and market your own Data Monetization product designed for corporate clients.

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Monetizing Data: a new way of thinking

If your company is planning to create a Data Monetization product / revenue stream, Mapidea has a ready-to-market solution.
Provided to you as a white label multi-tenant Location Analytics SaaS, you can easily anonymize, aggregate and upload your own data and market it to corporate clients.
You’ll give each one of your corporate clients its own full-fledged collaborative Location Analytics solution with your data.
All this with a cost structure based on sales, not fixed costs: a practically zero-risk solution.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel, build a great car.

Focus your efforts on giving your corporate clients great data and analytics

Aggregate and anonymize different data in one unified interface

  • Subscriber data: sociodemographic profile, relations, equipment
  • Behavioral data: usage, experience, online, channel, location, spending
  • External data: boundaries and regions, POIs, Census data, other public/private datasets
  • Your Corporate Client’s own datasets (uploaded by them)

Multi-tenant, no-setup Location Analytics Server

  • Have your own Mapidea Server installed and hosted on-premises and managed by you
  • Create an autonomous instance / account for each corporate client in Mapidea Server
  • Each instance is an independent Location Analytics environment supporting several business users with all of Mapidea features, including uploading their own data and collaboration.

No-CAPEX, flexible model indexed to sales

  • Mapidea is a ready-to-use platform, without the need of custom development
  • Automatically update information from your data repositories
  • Costs indexed to your sales to corporate clients, so no risky investments
  • Regional exclusivity deals possible

Data Monetization made easy and powerful

All your competitors are thinking about this. Get to market before them.

Off-the-shelf Data-as-a-Service platform, white label and totally controlled by you

Low CAPEX, variable sales-indexed costs, quick deployment

Give your corporate clients not raw data files, but analytical power and autonomy