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Mapidea adds spatial context to your data and puts the power of location analytics and geomarketing in the hands of your business users. No-setup, no-IT, just great maps!

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Show, don’t tell

Location Analytics is mostly visual. Check some Mapidea videos.

It’s all about Business

Without Location Intelligence your business is driving blind


We live in an Intelligence Economy. Your business needs valuable information and insights to be competitive. Can you imagine not using ‘time’ in your analysis? ‘Space’ is as important as ‘time’. An excel table or chart is great, but there are insights only a map can show.
Location Intelligence brings the ‘where’ to your analysis, allowing you to uncover and understand spatial patterns:

  • – Geographic Share of Market / Wallet
  • – Customer’s spatial demographic and behavioral segmentation
  • – Competition presence and activities
  • – Sales and Ops Field teams performance


A lot of decisions have direct geographical impact, but organisations seldom use Location Intelligence to support those decisions. Existing tools are too complex and hard to use, making spatial analysis almost an impossibility to most persons and organisations.
Mapidea turns every business users into Location Intelligence specialists able to perform analysis like:

  • – Identify the best place to open (or close) a store / location
  • – Define geographic advertising strategy
  • – Identify territorial business potential / risk
  • – Optimise operational territories (sales, logistics, etc)


A map is a great idea. It allows the visual combination and analysis of layers of information that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Imagine you want to cross population geo-demographics within walking distance to your stores (and the competitor’s) and out-of-home media advertising. Only with a map.
Location Intelligence is the way to go If you want to increase accuracy and effectiveness of business actions like:

  • – Geographical monitoring and optimisation of customer service
  • – Spatial ‘acupuncture’ campaigns for acquisition and up-sell
  • – Territorial monitoring of competition activities and – performance
  • – Customer retention campaigns based on spatial churn patterns

Location Intelligence made easy and powerful

Mapidea is the best Location Intelligence tool for your business.

For everyone, for every business goal

  • – Easy to use without training
  • – From simple maps to complex analysis
  • – Use existing data or upload your own
  • – Collaborative team environment

Focus on your business

  • – Web-based, accessible everywhere
  • – Ready-to-use (no setup or IT team)
  • – Data integration with other systems
  • – Automatic data and analysis update

You don't have to win the lottery

  • – Affordable (a lot!)
  • – Subscription based model (no CAPEX)
  • – Easily scalable (users, data)
  • – Zero server and maintenance costs